About me

As long as I remember I’ve always wanted to know more, learn more and do better.

I think of myself as an ambitious young man who is hungry for knowledge; at the same time, I enjoy taking part in different projects and improving them by adding my own ideas brings me happiness.

I have an entrepreneurial mindset with can do attitude, I like to take risks to get ahead and influence others.

One of my main goals is to become a true leader who can make tough decisions and changes, and encourage others to be creative and innovative every day.

How I see social media

I am extremely interested in social media’s role in our society as well as how it is currently evolving, not just in marketing but in every aspect of our lives and relationships.

In my previous workplaces, we manage more than 10 000 €/ month to advertise on Facebook/Google Ads/Instagram and LinkedIn.

And in the early stages, I saw that we are doing it completely wrong. Even much bigger companies with much bigger budgets don’t use their social pages well because they constantly want to advertise, sell and make money from every single post.

I think it’s wrong because people go there to learn something, to get some practical information or enjoy their free time reading and watching good content with emotional messages – maybe booth at the same time.

If we won't give them what they want, what they need, and just try to persuade them to buy something – they won't.

If we use the power in real human stories, real faces which resonate with our future customers, they will buy any product or service. Not because we force them, but because they’ll fall in love with our brand.

Personal information
+36 20 378 7489
1119 Budapest, 1 Fogócska utca
English (fluent), Hungarian


  • Team, project management and organisation skills
  • Data-driven approach
  • 360 degree content creation (writing, direction, editing)
  • Facebook Graph Search
  • LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Mailchimp-thorough know-how
  • Hootsuite, Buffer
  • Office (strong hands on skills)
  • Jira (CRM)
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Canva
  • Final Cut Pro, After Effects
  • HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Wordpress


2017 - 2018

Marketing Manager

NetAcademia is a market leader in online learning in Hungary. The company organizes various conferences, fundraising and other events as well, working with the best performers and professionals; I have also gained experience in those.

My responsibilities were to plan, coordinate and carry out the company’s strategy while cooperating with the graphic designers, educational management and developers; I also planned out, implemented and created content and landing pages for the various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn).

This organization operates entirely on a home office base, which gave me the opportunity of getting experience in efficient remote work.


2018 -

Marketing Manager
Daily Fitness

I started regularly attending ATSA Fitness Club (what it was called at the time) in 2017 November and the gym gave me the impression that I could help making it more popular by applying my skills and experience.

Helping the campaign to change their image I initiated managing the club’s Instagram and Facebook pages in order to build an active audience, complementing this with offline special offers while leading a small team. Other than that I also create graphic, audio visual and copy content to support maintaining the current clientele and attract new members as well.


Marketing Advisor, Content creator - as a freelancer
Crossbell Hungary/Ride On Time Budapest/TheCard Hungary

I created Crossbell Hungary’s website (crossbell.hu and the goal was to build a solid audience for the three companies’ Instagram page, intertwined with marketing advisory and training.

2016 - 2017

Vodafone Hungary

I was in charge of creating content for the Vodafone You platform’s social media channels, complementing this with creative activities and adding various visual schemes.

During this working period, their Facebook page grew by 14.000 followers and thanks to the successful advertising campaign their message reached valuable customers, and through the social activities and lead generation methods, we could convert fans to subscribers for a special offer.

I was working directly with BOLD IDEAS agency.

2015 -

Content creator as an Influencer
Managing my own Instagram page

At the beginning of 2014 I got into researching and studying social media and started building my own Instagram page (@brunoszubally) based on my acquired knowledge in 2015.

In the last 3 years I have gained an audience of 30.000 followers which is constantly growing; this helped me earn the trust of numerous companies including but not limited to Nike, Huawei, SZIGET, Universal Music Hungary, Telekom, SPAR, Sió, Don Pepe, MKB Bank and other, smaller compaines for whom I created quality photos and videos on my own page, reaching tens of thousands of followers.


1998 -

Autodidact methods

I believe in that real knowledge is way more important than the name of any college. Ever since I was young I've always wanted to learn how the world works, how people connect to each other. I have attended many seminars and trainings throughout the past five years, read a tons of books and articles for one reason: I am a perfectionist.

I don't want to stratch the surface of anything, I want to deeply understand how things work; in this case in social media, digital marketing and marketing psychology

2013 - 2017

BMSZC Neumann János Information Technical High School, High School Graduation

Here I graduated with honors and earned a technical graduation certificate plus an 3142/9 FEOR computer technician certificate.